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How do you decide the poverty Line?

UN norms explain who earnings < $2 / Day (Rs.120) Consider to Poverty people.

Is it the statement provided by government India, that 38 crores Indians are earn below 32/day. How shameful the news hears after 66th Independence day.

Planning Commission on Monday further reduced poverty linetoRs 28.65 per capita daily consumptionin cities andRs 22.42 in rural areas, scaling down India's poverty ratio to 29.8 per cent in 2009-10, the estimates which are likely to raise the hackles of civil society. Source : PTI New Delhi,March 19, 2012| UPDATED23:53 IST

Defending Plan panel's criteria under which those who consume items worth more than Rs 32 in urban areas in a day are not poor, its Deputy Chairman MontekSingh Ahluwaliaon Monday said the limit will not be the basis for extending benefits to the poor.

Poverty line should not fix below Rs.235.44 / Day (Refer the below table Calculation details only for three times food preparation cost).

 The value only for feeding nutrition food for four members of poor family, who are the people have single income source (One person earning homes).

Planning Commission voluntarily Eliminate the following expenses of Essential of our life.

1.Source of Water: 135 Ltrs/ Per Day

2.Electrical Units: 1.5 Units / Day

3.House Rent / Maintenance: Rs.10 / Day

4.Medical: Rs. 1.5 / Per Tablet.

5.Local Conveyance to reach the work Place (up and Down): Rs. 4/ Day

6.If they have baby (0 to 6 Months) to feed cow milk: Rs.18 / Day

7.Fire Wood / LPG: Rs.5 / Day 

Lacking of Planning Commission Plan

# Our Government must keep low cost and stable price forever for essential products of poor people (Like Drinking Water, Food, LPG, Medicines, Power and low cost public transport).

Notwithstanding the continued growth in the world’s population, the absolute number of people living in extreme poverty has fallen, regardless of whether the poverty-line income threshold is set at $1.25 or raised to $2 or $2.50 per day . Source :

Family consists of  four members. Like Three adults and one child ( Avg Middle Class Family)

The above prices based on avg market value as on 25.12.2012, Chennai, TN, India.

# Our Government must keep essential life care products at low cost and stable price forever  (Like Food, LPG, Medicines, Power and low cost public transport ).  

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