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The world is not for ours or yours,

 it’s created  for our children and descendants.

Our duty is providing the safe and unpolluted earth for their future. 

What is our action for care of our next generation?

This article is dedicated to all children’s who were killed by violence, terrorist attack, war and negligence of parental care (at Public Place, School, Transportation and Home), death due to Hunger, Malnutrition, Poverty, non-availability of vaccination & Life care medicines.

Few Sample News :-

A gunman killed 20 students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Source: USA today December 15, 2012.

In a shocking accident, Class II student (seven-year-old girl) died after she fell through a hole on the floor of her school bus and was run over by the vehicle here. Was on her way back home in the afternoon when the incident occurred., Chennai, Thu Jul 26 2012, 03:31 hrs.

9-year-old crushed to death by speeding school bus in Delhi, Indo-Asian News Service | Friday July 27, 2012

Three-year-old girl mowed down by school bus in Mumbai,  Press Trust of India | Monday February 13, 2012

One out of every eight children under the age of twelve goes to bed with hungry every night.  

10.9 million Children under five die in developing countries each year. Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases cause 60 percent of the deaths, (Source: The State of the World's Children, UNICEF, 2007)

More than 70 percent of the world's underweight children (aged five or less) live in just 10 countries, with more than 50 per cent located in South Asia alone. (Source: Progress for Children: A Report Card on Nutrition, UNICEF, 2006)

We (People of entire world) are fully and solely responsible for the above. We seldom sacrifice/dedicate our little life to fight against the odds, we keep blaming our governments. Not all government / civilization are that bad.

99% of our society / people age up to 100 were wrongly motivated and they dedicate their life to thinking, targeting, educating, work towards earning money. The expenditure mostly goes towards Food, buying land / houses, sophisticated life, luxurious Transportation, home appliances which store unburned calories in our bodies and costumes, cosmetics, faster communication devices, luxury Gadgets and week end parties to create royal image in our society. We are all squander our valuable 100 years (36,500 Days) by listening to old songs, tasting crunchy food from faraway restaurants, watching News and 50% time for sleeping.


The exact purpose of creation of first cell or first animal or human was created in this earth only for (1) survival up to maturity of human body, (2) Creation of next generation, (3) Educate them how to live, (4) Death. We are here to fulfill unbreakable chain of global life cycle  


The real meaning of every Animals/ Plants/ individuals / Families / Societies life under this sun family is to  dedicate our life to care for our children’s future and their safe environment. You can’t justify a different meaning on this in past, current and future scenario also.


Creation of our Life/ Body is survival up to reproduction age. Reproduction may not possible after 75 Years, afterwards your cells will not allow / efficient to long living of your body. Our life time goal is to generate our next generation and provide safe environment of our younger generation. But within next 200 years we will destroy this beautiful atmosphere (Air, Water and Land) and resources like fuel and minerals from earth.  So, in future, our society will fight for basic elements of our life. We must earn to pay and fight for getting oxygen and water. Just feel the same situation in current scenario. What we are enjoying from all artificial things is to provide luxuries life but it will endanger our future environment. We must protect our most valuable assets like air, water and land from industrialization process and MNCs Profit oriented mind. Our entire creation / innovation of new products between Big Bang and next millions and millions of light years, meant for our new generations only and not for us.


The future of planet depends upon our personal care about our children’s life and we should build secure future for our children.  Every individual’s safety is considered as global safety. So individuals should take care and maintain their households and street which is enough to protect our environment and earth.

All measurable things like earth, continents, 210 Countries and its states ,cities, all governments, administration, communication networks, medicines,  scientific discoveries, automobiles, aircrafts, Ships, existing  and developing infrastructures, and all other possible things under this milky way was created only for our children/ kids /new generations (inclusive of all animals / Plants) future and safe environment for their well-being. 


Child care and safety is most important object for our life / society/ schools/ transports/ hospitals/ food manufactures/ toys manufactures. It must be ensured in all time by individual dedication, social activities and government responsibilities.


By : Raaja, Chennai, India.


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